Can You SNUBA Without Knowing How to Swim? Find Out Now!

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  23.01.2023
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Snuba is a hybrid activity that combines snorkeling and scuba diving. You don’t need to know how to swim to do it, but it helps if you can swim a bit.

You can snuba without knowing how to swim well but it helps if you can swim a little. There’s no carrying heavy diving equipment and you won’t go deep. Being able to kick your legs and move will get you far. Can’t swim at all? Then this isn’t for you.

So, let’s look at that and other requirements.

Can you snuba without knowing how to swim

Do You Need to Be a Good Swimmer to SNUBA?


  • Not a strong swimmer? No problem! You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer to SNUBA. All you need to do is be able to breathe through your mouth and kick your feet.
  • Don’t worry if you’re a non-swimmer, ther are always guides that will take care of the rest.
  • Thousands of non-swimmers went on SNUBA dives and they’ve all had an amazing experience.
  • Because snuba requires a team, there’s always someone to give you all the attention and instruction you need.

The SNUBA Raft

SNUBA is a unique experience that requires a special raft. This raft is designed to provide a safe and comfortable platform for divers to explore the depths of the ocean. It’s equipped with a breathing tube and regulator, allowing divers to breathe underwater without the need for bulky scuba gear.

SNUBA and Scuba, the Difference in swimming

SNUBA is not a scuba diving training program, but it can be a great way to prepare for scuba diving. Unlike scuba diving, SNUBA does not require you to carry any heavy gear, and you can explore the ocean depths without having to worry about the dangers of deep-sea diving.

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Essential SNUBA Skills

SNUBA diving requires some basic skills in order to be safe and successful. These include:

  • Knowing how to use the SNUBA breathing tube and regulator
  • Understanding the safety protocols
  • Being able to float in the water (swimming is optional but does add to the fun)
  • Knowing how to read a dive chart
  • Being able to identify and avoid dangerous marine life

You Must Know How to Swim

  • To enjoy the benefits of SNUBA diving, it’s important to know how to swim.
  • Basic swim skills are a must as SNUBA dives take you nearly 20-feet deep.
  • Be comfortable in the water to make the most of the experience.


SNUBA is a great way to explore the deep (well, not THAT deep) without having to be a great swimmer. You need to know how to breathe through your mouth and be able to kick your feet to move forward and you’ll be all set!

Most dives are private with experienced guides, so there’s always someone close to help you out. So, don’t be scared to take the plunge and SNUBA your way to a memorable adventure!

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