Do you need waves to skimboard? NO! Check these options

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  03.03.2022
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Do you love the thrill of gliding on water but don’t live near an ocean? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new summer activity to try?

Skimboarding could be the perfect sport for you!

Skimboarding is a board sport that involves riding on the surface of shallow water.

It’s a lot of fun and can be done pretty much anywhere there’s flat ground and some water.

Do you need waves to skimboard

Do you need waves to skimboard?

You don’t need waves to skimboard, but it definitely helps! If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, nothing beats catching a wave and riding it all the way to shore, some say. But riding on the surface of shallow water and performing tricks can be just as much fun!

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Skimboarding is a board sport that involves riding on waves OR on the surface of shallow water.

So there’s wave skimboarding and another thing called flatland skimboarding, which doesn’t require waves at all to be fun.

Flatland skimboarding is more like skateboarding than surfing, only in a small amount of water instead of a dry concrete skate park.

It’s a variant of the sport where you don’t need any waves to be able to have fun.

Skimboarding on the beach without waves

Then there’s taking your skimboard to the beach, only to find out there aren’t that many waves today, and those that are there at the shore break are really tiny.

Oh no!

Don’t worry, because just like with flatland skimboarding, you can use your board to ride on the surface of the very shallow water near the beach and still have a lot of fun doing it.

Just run out to sea and drop your board like you normally would and see how far you can go. You can skim fairly easily way out into sea.

Or find some rock or other items to try and jump over, and make it a freestyle experience skimboarding along the coastline, instead of going far off into the sea.

You can even do some sand skimming and use the wet sand at the beach and a little bit of speed to skid along at high velocity.

But watch out because you’ll lose speed very quickly on sand.


Skimboarding can be done anywhere there’s water and flat ground – all you need is your board and some determination!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start riding those waves (or lack thereof)!

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