Jurassic Park Gate Kauai on Loop road

by Joost Nusselder | Last Updated:  01.08.2021
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2020 Update: The roadway to the Jurassic Park Gate remains in bad problem as well as a $500,000/ five-month task is underway to make repair services. A short-term entrance has actually been mounted to stop accessibility throughout the week while repair work are continuous. Nevertheless, eviction is exposed from Friday evening with Monday early morning, permitting accessibility to the roadway. Driving when traveling goes to your very own danger. Up until repair work are finished, we advise car parking at the Keahua Arboretum and also treking later on to eviction. Prior to eviction was mounted, rocks were put throughout the roadway at the Powerline Trail trailhead to avoid gain access to (picture listed below). This 4WD rental Jeep came to be stuck after attempting to go across via. Just neighborhood, super-modified cars must try the roadway in its present problem.

Jurassic Park Gate

On Instagram as well as somewhere else, Kauai is commonly described as Jurassic Park, as well as there’s great factor for that. The prehistoric island, the earliest of the Hawaiian islands, is a preferred recording area for the Jurassic Park flick franchise business. Among one of the most famous photos of the movie collection is the Jurassic Park Gate, which was created as well as shot in the sturdy inside of Kauai. The sight stays the exact same, however all that remains of eviction are the concrete blog posts. The area gets on public land in the Waikoko Forest near the island’s “Blue Hole,” the magical facility of Kauai and also the resource of the Wailua River. For vacationers, the place is not specifically very easy to locate or reach, yet with the details listed below you ought to have the ability to see this spots website.

The Jurassic Park Gate has to do with 3.5 miles from the Keahua Arboretum. The roadway to the Keahua Arboretum is led, however ends up being a dust roadway after the bridge at the arboretum.

After the Keahua Arboretum, the roadway ends up being the Waikoko Forest Management Road. A 4 wheel drive lorry is advised for this component of your journey to eviction. 4 wheel drive automobiles, consisting of Jeep Wranglers, can be leased at the Lihue Airport. (Please keep in mind that automobile rental business in Hawaii do not permit off roadway use their automobiles, so continue at your very own threat when utilizing a rental automobile.) The roadway is rather preserved, yet hefty rainfalls as well as an absence of upkeep have actually taken their toll in the last number of years. Splits that were as soon as irritating or frustrating are currently downright frightening, also for Jeep Wranglers. A much safer means to get to the Jurassic Park Gate is to trek the roadway. (This walking also has a name– The Jungle Hike– if passing foot.).

After the arboretum, you will certainly quickly see the trailhead for the Powerline Trail on your right (at regarding 0.1 miles from the arboretum).

At around 0.5 miles from the arboretum you will certainly see a spillway. Do not go across the spillway by foot or car if the waters are also solid. If unsure, wait to see just how various other lorries, if any type of, price while going across the spillway.

Continue the roadway past the arboretum for 1.5 miles. You will certainly see a fork in the roadway. Take the left roadway.

After the fork, proceed for an additional 1.25 miles. You must see a yellow entrance that is open. At this moment, the roadway ends up being narrower as well as we suggest that you park your automobile and also stroll past the yellow gateway and also later on an additional.25 miles where you will certainly locate the Jurassic Park Gate area. There are 2 concrete blog posts at the place, along with one more yellow entrance that is generally open.

Extra Tips

  • While pockets are a significant worry when driving to the Jurassic Park Gate, reduced hanging branches ought to likewise be a problem for chauffeurs.
  • Driving an automobile to near eviction (when the roadway is fixed) is the recommended means, in our point of view, to reach the area. Nevertheless, some individuals favor to trek the 3.5 miles (7 miles big salami) from the Keahua Arboretum.
  • From what we have actually seen, an also far better method to eviction area is by motorcycle if you have one. A mtb may likewise function.
  • As a result of blink floodings, it’s feasible that you might be caught beyond of the streams at the spillways, leaving you without any means to come back up until the waters go away. This has actually occurred to greater than a couple of individuals. Bring additional water and also food in situation this takes place to you.
  • There is normally no phone company in this field, so strategy as necessary.
  • If any time you are uncertain which fork in the roadway to take, take the a lot more well-traveled roadway.
  • At about 0.5 miles past the spillway there is an underused roadway that cuts down to the left. There is a powerline tower on the ideal side of the roadway. Do not take this roadway. Maintain taking place the highway as it diverts a little to the right.

Jurassic Park Gate Photos

OVER: Kuamoo Road (Highway 80), also known as the Loop Road (though there’s no loophole), en route to the Keauha Arboretum.

OVER: The bridge at the Keahua Arboretum. The bridge was finished in 2017. Prior to the bridge there was a spillway at this area.

OVER: Keep passing by the bridge. The roadway drifts to the left. Quickly you will certainly see the trailhead for the Powerline Trail.

OVER: The dust roadway is good, a minimum of on the initial component.

2 PHOTOS ABOVE: You will certainly pass a spillway as well as a broad stream. Please keep in mind that the 2nd image straight above was fired on the return journey and also is the sight of the spillway returning.

OVER: As you continue further in the future, even more pockets show up. Attempt to avoid.

2 PHOTOS ABOVE: When you concern this fork in the roadway, go left.

2 PHOTOS ABOVE: We advise that you park your lorry when you see this gateway as the roadway ends up being narrower (though off-road cars regularly continue past this factor). You are obtaining near eviction.

OVER: Walk past eviction as well as proceed up the roadway for concerning a quarter of a mile.

OVER: Soon, and also unexpectedly, the popular scene appears. You have actually made it to the Jurassic Park gateway!

OVER: There is a yellow entrance at the Jurassic Park Gate articles. The yellow gateway is generally open.

Keep in mind: A viewers has actually alerted us that these messages are not the real entrance blog posts from the film, which the real entrance had to do with 300 feet past these messages. Nonetheless, in our point of view, these blog posts belong to the flick, as these blog posts, out in the center of no place, do not appear to offer any type of various other function.

2 PHOTOS ABOVE: The entrance articles are constructed out of concrete.

OVER: The sight beyond of eviction.

OVER: The sight recalling from the opposite side of eviction.

OVER: The sight from eviction location looks definitely ancient.

OVER: A scenic view of the sight past eviction. Click to expand (huge documents).

OVER: The roadway back from eviction to the car.

OVER: This box, made use of by seekers to upload info regarding their shed searching canines, lies where we parked the lorry to trek to eviction. Seekers go after wild pigs around.


< iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ys4lkaStrHg?rel=0″ size=”853″ elevation=”480″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” > Time gap video clip by turbosix at YouTube reveals the whole course to the Jurassic Park Gate as well as back.

Loop Road Kauai


Above: Loop Road is preferred for outdoor camping, trekking, searching as well as a picnicking location for Kauai citizens.

It had actually been some time considering that we took a trip the Loop Road past the Keahua Arboretum, so we chose to take a little journey down the dust roadway right into Kauai’s inside on Labor Day 2017. Last time we went, in 2015, Loop Road was properly maintained, with crushed rock dental filling in old pockets. That was not the situation this time around. We are right here to report that Loop Road, since Labor Day 2017, remains in disrepair. Do not try the roadway unless you have a durable 4×4 lorry.

A journey down Loop Road is constantly an experience. Loophole Road comes to be a dust roadway at the Keahua Arboretum as well as it finishes numerous miles later on at the Weir concrete dam near the island’s famous Blue Hole. Along the road is a forest drive that is something out of Jurassic Park. And also we do not make the Jurassic Park remark gently. The Jurassic Park Gate flick scene was in fact recorded on Loop Road as well as the concrete blog posts to eviction still stay.

Over: The Jurassic Park Gate concrete messages.

Although Loop Road has actually never ever remained in the very best form, current problems have actually minimized traveling later on to a rough crawl. We made it regarding the Jurassic Park gateway prior to auto parking our Jeep as the roadway got worse. A number of vehicle drivers we chatted with that had actually ventured additionally up the roadway defined “hair-raising” roadway problems.

Over: On Loop Road past the Jurassic Park Gate

Yet, regardless of problems, there were greater than a couple of automobiles when driving on this Labor Day. Regarding a lots cars had actually made it throughout of the roadway at the dam. We can not consider a far better location worldwide to hang around on Labor Day than the Weir dam. There were likewise a number of family members at the 2nd spillway, regarding a fifty percent mile from the arboretum.

Over: Families take pleasure in the stream at the 2nd spillway.

A bridge was finished previously this year over the stream at Keahua Arboretum. Prior to the bridge conclusion, the spillway when driving at the stream impeded lots of smaller sized automobiles from going even more up the roadway. It would certainly be very easy at fault the brand-new bridge and also boosted web traffic for the current roadway problems. However the 2nd spillway does not have a bridge, which restricts website traffic to Kauai homeowners that have 4×4 lorries as well as the periodic vacationers with Jeep leasings. More than likely, current roadway problems are the all-natural outcomes of everyday rainfalls complied with by surges of the cooking sunlight.

Over: The brand-new bridge at the Keahua Arboretum

Over: With the brand-new bridge finished, the spillway is currently a much safer area.


At the Keahua Arboretum, Kuamo’o Road (HWY 580) comes to be a dust roadway that takes you even more right into the inside of Kauai, past the Jurassic Park Gate and also to near the island’s magical Blue Hole. You ought to have a 4 wheel drive car for this experience. (Please keep in mind that Kauai rental automobile agreements do not enable off-road usage.) The drive is a terrific method to see the prehistoric inside of Kauai. The beautiful drive offers great sights of exotic woodlands and also shrouded hills. At the end of the roadway is a parking lot and also a concrete dam for water diversion. It’s around as close as you’ll ever before reach a Jurassic Park experience. There are 2 spillways to go across, one at the arboretum as well as an additional one regarding a half-mile past the arboretum. Do not try to go across if the stream currents are as well solid. There are likewise various water-filled fractures along the road where care is prompted. The size of the roadway past the arboretum has to do with 3.5 miles (7 miles big salami).

Place at Google Maps

Over: After the arboretum the roadway comes to be a dust roadway.

Over: At the 2nd spillway.

Over: The yellow gateway before the Jurassic Park Gate.

Over: The Jurassic Park Gate.

Motorcycle are flawlessly matched for Loop Road.

Over: Parking and also turn-around factor at the end of the roadway.

Over: A weir concrete dam utilized to draw away water is near the parking lot.

Over: Panoramic sight of the 2nd spillway.

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